Updating a Vacation Rental

It’s that time of the year again! You are probably deep cleaning and readying your rental properties for next year’s round of summer vacationers. This is the perfect time to update things around your rental! Through the years mattresses wear down, couches get stained, and looks become outdated. FriendlyFurnitureStore.com has everything you could need to update your rentals at the best price you can find!

Still need convincing on why you should bother updating your rental? We did that research for you.

5 Vacation Rental Upgrades that Convince Travelers to Book: http://blog.evolvevacationrental.com/5-vacation-rental-upgrades-that-convince-travelers-to-book/?mc_cid=fd9dd442fd&mc_eid=f8b628ff63

Best Ways to Upgrade Your Rental Property:

and some helpful advice on Updating your Bedding:

Upgrading your vacation rental means better reviews and more bookings for you. Let Friendly Furniture help you generate more revenue!


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